Risk Management

Pricing Opportunities

Contact our Risk Management department to discuss managing the price risk on inventory that exists in today’s volatile marketplace. JGL uses historical data, futures, options, and price insurance to establish pricing opportunities that exist for buyers and sellers alike. JGL’s knowledgeable Risk Management and Buying Team provide forward contracting services at pre-determined contract specs including basis and flat price contracts.



Futures, Options, OTC products, Price Insurance… navigating your way through the number of products available to manage risk can be a daunting task. We are able to provide you advice on where we believe the best opportunities are to manage your risk. We are not in the business predicting the future or calling the direction of a market. However, we can tell you what the best options for managing risk are that day given the fundamentals of the marketplace and the opportunity derivatives products or insurance may provide.

Contact our Risk Management department to discuss managing your price risk. 



Live Cattle                                                                          Corn                                                                              CAD / USD

Feeder Cattle                                                                             Soybeans                                                                     USD Index

Lean Hogs                                                                                    KC Wheat                                                                    Crude Oil 

WLPIP                                                                                            MGE Wheat                                                                Heating Oil



Cattle on Feed (USDA)                                                               Livestock Slaughter (USDA)                          Feed Outlook (USDA)              

Cattle on Feed (Canfax)                                                            Boxed Beef  (USDA)                                        Feeder Cattle Index (USDA)      

 North America Cattle on Feed (USDA)                               Cold Storage (USDA)   


Industry Links 

CCA                                                                                                     Canfax                                                                        Farm Income Programs (AAFC) 

NCFA                                                                                                  USDA ERS